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Naturopathy practice “naturopath”

Cranio-Sacral Therapie


Date and costs

I only see patients by prior appointment by phone or online via Doctolib. 

Appointments requested by email or via the contact form require my confirmation. 
Duration of treatment 

For infants and small children, I expect the treatment to take 20 to 45 minutes. For teenager and adults with approx. 60 minutes, depending on the situation and needs. 

Treatment costs 
For those with statutory health insurance without additional insurance (self-payers): 
Statutory health insurance companies do not cover the bills of alternative practitioners. Based on my experience, my fee is between 110 and 140 euros. Deviations are possible. Please consult your tax advisor to find out whether you can claim alternative practitioner treatment costs above a certain amount as a tax deduction 

Patients with private health insurance or additional insurance for alternative practitioner services: 
As an alternative practitioner, I can invoice my treatment costs within the framework of the fee schedule for alternative practitioners (GebüH). Neither a referral nor a prescription from a doctor is required. If you have private or additional insurance, the treatment costs will be reimbursed (at least in part) by your health insurance company. Before seeking treatment, please ask your health insurance company to find out to what extent it will cover the costs involved. Based on my experience, my fee is between 120 and 150 euros. Deviations are possible. 

Babies and toddlers: 
For babies and toddlers, I adjust the fee to the time required, i.e. 30 minutes 60 euros and 45 minutes 90 euros, etc.

How Can I help you?

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