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Naturopathy practice “naturopath”

Cranio-Sacral Therapie

Osteopathic body and nervous system therapy

Osteopathische Körper-und Nervensystem-Therapie

Osteopathic therapy of the body and nervous system consists of manual treatment of the patient aimed at stimulating the body's natural intrinsic tendency towards self-healing. It developed from the combination of different therapies such as osteopathy and craniosacral therapy and the knowledge about how the part of the nervous system that controls the body, works.

Osteopathic body and nervous system therapy is based on the knowledge that all physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual stresses, that the body's own nervous system could not process, are still in the body and have led to an imbalance. The mechanical compensation mechanisms adopted by the body and the local variations of the nervous and vascular system can cause, over time, symptoms such as pain, stress and/or tissue irritation. The therapist identifies these blocks and through very light pressure and the application of specific maneuvers obtains the relaxation of the joints and muscles.

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