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Naturopathy practice “naturopath”

Cranio-Sacral Therapie

Body-oriented trauma therapy, based on NARM™

Körperbezogene Traumatherapie, NARM

While the majority of psychodynamic psychotherapies are pathological and problem-oriented, the Neuro Affective Relational Model™ (NARM) is a resource-oriented model. In addition to the five basic needs (contact, needs, trust, autonomy, love), NARM™ also focuses on careful observation of the physical phenomena that occur in the client during the session (e.g. “pressure on the chest”, “knots “in the throat” etc.). The five themes of life development are essential to our ability to self-regulate and influence our ability to be present in the here and now for ourselves and others. To the extent that these five basic needs are met, we feel safe and confident in our surroundings.

The five central resources mentioned above are closely related to developmental psychological life issues.

Contact: You are in contact with your body and your feelings and can enter into relationships.

Needs:     You are aware of your needs and are able to approach others and accept their care.

Trust:       You live in self-confidence and have trust in others. You feel safe enough to allow healthy interdependence relationships with others and to rely on them.

Autonomy: You can set clear boundaries and say “no”. You say what you think without being plagued by feelings of guilt or fear.

Love:        You are able to allow loving relationships and healthy sexuality.

If these five basic needs are met, we remain in flow and in

good contact with ourselves. We face our environment with a

feeling of security and trust.

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