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Naturopathy practice “naturopath”

Cranio-Sacral Therapie

Heart-Head Regulation

Herz-Kopf Regulation

Manual-energetic relaxation method for heart-head regulation (HKR) The HKR is a derivative and further development of acupressure. This ancient healing method comes from traditional Chinese medicine. In contrast to acupressure, with HKR specific points on the head are only touched very lightly and gently. This can be helpful to activate and balance the life energy throughout the body. By manually and energetically connecting the head with the heart area and, if necessary, other parts of the body, there is the possibility that the entire body can correct imbalances.

In most cases this leads to deep relaxation. A pleasant warmth and a feeling of lightness often arise in the body. Since the practitioner only places their fingers/hands gently, the HKR is also suitable for babies and children.

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